Final mileage

8th January 2010

After literally tens of hours measuring the distances via Google Maps measuring tool at very high magnification, I can confirm the distance to be absolutely what I thought it was going to be!

300.51 miles (483.65 kms).

I did not take the most direct route & used numerous portions of the National Cycle Network (NCN) which is routed differently than the roads marked. NCN is not yet available on Google Maps. The distance were estimated as follows:

Day 1. Weston – Bristol 22.74 mls (36.60 kms),

Day 2. Bristol – Gloucester 36.37 (58.33),

Day 3. Gloucester – Swinbrook 33.11 (53.29),

Day 4. Swinbrook – Bedford 73.05 (117.57),

Day 5. Bedford – Cambridge 36.17 (58.21)

Day 6. illness

Day 7. illness

Day 8. Cambridge – Bury St.Edmunds 37.00 (59.55)

Day 9. Bury St. Edmunds – Diss 27.56 (44.36)

Day 10. Diss to Lowestoft 34.51 (55.54)

Total 300.51 mls (483.65 kms)

Not included: General misadventure, wrong turns, unclear directions, cycling to find food or finding accommodation, cycling three miles in the wrong direction, because the cycleway sign had been twisted round. Multiple wrong turns, trying to find unlit cycleways, at night in the under-passes of Milton Keynes.

What was included: The shear joy of seeing England at a snails pace in intimate clarity. Simply looking at the map reminded me of a garden gate or a house, or hedgerows and road-side stalls, a sound or a smell. Steaming mugs of tea & the cold air on my face, and the easy with which I cycled such a very long distance, because I believed in what I was doing. Thank you to everyone who contributed. One & all. TK

Acknowledgement for Food Cycle

6th December 2009

I was honoured to be invited to Thrive’s Volunteer of the Year award on the 27th November. I was acknowledged for my cycle event and for my fund raising efforts. Had a great opportunity to meet all the wonderful people at the Charity’s HQ and look at their great work.

Chatted with Nicola Carruthers, CEO of Thrive, & The High Sheriff of Berkshire and her husband.

Homeward bound

6th November 2009

Here is my chariot safely lashed ready for transit on a train. Heading for Diss and thenst to London. After almost 400 miles of cycling, in 56.5 hours in the saddle and goodness knows how many calories burnt. Plenty I hope!

I worked out I averaged 6.6 mph my legs turned between 203,400 -219,000 on the pedals each.

I need time to distill my travels. I have been asked to write a synopsis of my journey for publication. That will take some rumination. I am clear it’s a life-changing experience in a small way.

Even if this adventure has nudged me one inch today, by next year I am several miles on a different course.

Bon Voyage

Lowestoft on Friday

6th November 2009

I made it comfortably to Lowestoft seafront, on Friday afternoon before it got dark. My final visit was to a micro brewery -Green Jack Lowestoft.

Then the bitter sweetness of not being able to fit my bike on the train I had booked, as the basket wouldn’t fit thru the entry door.

So I popped back to Green Jack’s Triangle Tavern to try their Orange wheat ale, or their ever popular Gone Fishing ESB or the Canary or their…

Here is a picture of me getting away with a keg of their famous ale.

A Hoxne hoard

6th November 2009

I dropped off a large bag of flour from Stanton post Mill at the Swan Inn in Hoxne near Eye.

David was most surprized to have someone knocking on his door at that time of day. I had only enrolled him in the idea of being involved a few hours earlier.

I told him I particularly like his Head chef’s vegetraian menu. Have a look for yourself

Low speed blow-out in Diss

5th November 2009

I had my first and only puncture today. 500 foot (200m) from my parent’s house. How lucky was that?

I clipped a tiny pothole as I passed though a cross-roads and a shard of flint cut into the tyre and punctured the inner tube. It was flat within 50 foot (20m).

Thank you to Cycle shack, Chapel Str. Diss for their generous donation of an extra 20″ inner tube for emergancy. Lets hope I don’t get another this side of Christmas?

Cycle Shack are most helpful and the Manager always have a smile 01379 641212

Stanton Post Mill

5th November 2009

I always get a thrill to see a working windmill and Stanton Post Mill is full operational. One of the only ones in Suffolk.

Thank you to Linda for her donation of wholemeal flour that I took to my next Delivery at the Swan Inn in Hoxne near Diss.

Bury St. Edmunds by nightfall

4th November 2009

I misjudged the distance I had to cover today and I stayed off the very busy A14 too, by zig-zagging across country. I will have increased my distance total by perhaps 40% today, staying off the A-road. The small villages are so interesting either side of the A14 both west and east of Newmarket.

I just got to Bury’s Tourist Information center and got a booklet of places to stay.

I found St.Edmunds Guest House. Absolutely fabulous. Modern, spotlessly clean and efficient.

Thank you for a comfortable stay.

Green Dagon Bridge

4th November 2009

Here is the beautiful view from Green Dragon Bridge east of Cambridge. The water was almost like a mill pond on the still morning at 10am

Feeling 60% better

3rd November 2009

Wow I got a reasonable nights sleep after dosing myself up with cold relief and getting an early night. I have got on with essential xchores, laundry and getting the bike fixed. The front brakes are almost completely useless. All the rubber shoes have worn away. I got soaked again today as I walked to town to see the city sites. Having a great time at the Cambridge YHA. So quiet I get lots of rest in a quiet room. Hot shower and packed ready for an early start tomorrow.

The Curry Queen

2nd November 2009

Thank you to Raj @ The Curry Queen tandoori restaurant for getting his chef to make me a delicious meal with extra garlic and fresh herbs. I was feeling like death-warmed-up and a cold was coming. The best thing I could do is eat lots of fresh garlic and have lots of water. Hey thank goodness I have no friends …because I stink of garlic!

Thank you Raj for your generous donation to our charity fundraiser too.

Curry Queen, 106 Mill St. Cambridge. Tel: 01223 350407

Got ill as I arrive in Cambridge

2nd November 2009

From Bedford to Cambridge I had a great time riding along the river Cam and picking up from Wally the Bee-keeper in Sandy, but then I got very wet and pretty cold andI am feeling not great. Yesterday was my bigest day and I am exhausted.

The Happy Pumpkin, with stars in his eyes

1st November 2009

Here is the happiest Pumpkin I found after All Hallows night. He looks a happy-chappie. I stopped to take apicture on someone’s window sill because he seemed so cheery after a cold and blustery night.

This pumpkin is obviously a morning pumpkin!

@ 2016 Great British Food Cycle